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Easy way to earn money back! All you have to do is choose which station to get gas and take a picture of receipt. Then within 24-48 hours your money has been added.

— Suzzanne Jones

I love this app free cash back on money you are going to use anyway save more by only filling up with credit cards that give you cash back too ;) thank me later.

— Google User

I’ve made over $100 bucks using this! lol EXCELLENT for people who are trucker, or in the transportation business! You gotta fill up every day, might as well get paid for it! PLUSSSS if you’re like me and your company pays for your fuel,.... you’re literally MAKING MONEY.... not just saving it!

— Jon Mack

Fantastic app!! My husband travels for work and getting money back on his fill ups is wonderful!! Been using the app for about a month and have earned almost $100!

— Tina Mathews

Easy way to earn cash back on has purchases. Gotta buy it, might as well save!

— Eric lapierre

At first I was skeptical whether I would ever receive money back because apps like these feel like a scam but nonetheless I used get upside for six months letting my balance buildup and focusing on utilizing the app simply to find low prices in my area BEFORE the discount. Just this morning however I decided to cash out on my $56.05 that I had accrued. In less than 10 hours I received the money in my paypal account. I am very pleased, and for the limited effort of scanning receipts, $100 back per year is quite nice.

— I.C.